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YAPC::EU 2015 – Yet another perl conference

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Every summer, the European perl community gathers in a different city to celebrate another edition of YAPC::EU, the European perl event called ‘Yet another perl conference’. This year, the Spanish city of Granada welcomed us with lots of sunshine, great tapas and an inspiring conference schedule.

While a number of talks were related to this year’s theme ‘Art & Engineering’, we were still presented with a broad range of talks not just about the Perl language and the Perl community, but also the broader tech community as well as general topics related to programming. In addition to four parallel tracks of talks during each day, the conference featured several keynotes, panel discussions and lightning talks sessions each evening.

In his keynote on Turning Points, Curtis Poe (Ovid) highlighted the stabilized community as a strength of Perl, but also criticised the bickering surrounding Perl 5 vs. Perl 6 and gave some constructive feedback as to how the perl community could present itself better to the outside world.

The traditional State of the Velociraptor keynote about the achievements of the Perl 5 community followed on day two. Delivered by Matt S. Trout (mst) over the past 5 years, this time round it was successfully passed on to Sawyer X, who stressed the social aspects of the community.

Over the course of three conference days, we learned about all things Perl, but also conflict-free replicated data types and plotting history. Jessica Rose elaborated on ‘What the Cult of Expertise Costsโ€Ž’, carefully dissecting the concept of an expert aka 10x engineer or rockstar in an interactive session. Unfortunately I missed ‘OpenStreetMap for Perl Developers‘ since it overlapped with my own talk โ€Ž’Decouple all the things: Asynchronous messaging keeps it simpleโ€Ž’ about AMQP and how we use it at XING.

The participation of speakers and attendees from Japan helped to forge links between the European and the Asian perl communities, and also allowed us to take a look behind the scenes of the highly successful YAPC::Asia conference which attracted 2,000 people this year.

Finally, the closing keynote by Perl’s inventor Larry Wall picked up the old running gag about Perl 6 being released by Christmas, but nevertheless forecast a release for this year.

Next year’s YAPC::EU will be held in Cluj, Romania.

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