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XING @ So Coded Conference

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It’s not that often you hear the term tech conference and church in the same sentence. Well, in this case, it happened to be true. Last week XING was the main sponsor of the So Coded  conference that took place at Kulturkirche Altona in Hamburg. 

When I walked into the church on Thursday morning, I experienced a mixed feeling of being at a techie gathering yet also feeling relaxed due to the location and the way it had been decorated, which is not what you’d expect from most tech events. Just to clarify, this location is used for events like So Coded and not just for religious ceremonies!

Unlike most of the other conferences, this one started at noon, meaning that there was plenty of time to network while enjoying a delicious breakfast. The opportunity to network with people even before the event kicked off gave everyone a chance to get to know the other attendees and the location, and this was something which I particularly liked. 

Conference opening

Photo wall

During the hack night

The talks themselves included a good mix of tech and non-tech topics well distributed over the two days, starting with Hannah Schickedanz sharing the changes in her life as a result of doing the things that she loved, such as travelling around New Zealand with her family in an old school bus, and on to Rachel Myers talked about about why a service-oriented architecture is not the holy grail!

As a company, we’re happy to support events like So Coded as they also give us the opportunity to put something back into the community. It was a team of engineers and engineering leads who had the chance to connect with a lot of people at So Coded who came from various places around the world to share the XING and the Hamburg Love. However, for the next So Coded, it would be really cool to have a few more participants. It was a pleasure meeting everyone there, and let’s not forget all the photos we took with the Polaroid. In fact we built a photo wall as a way of saving the memories.

At the end of the day, we all have a reason why we go to work, and here at XING we’re “committing for a better working life”.

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Magith NoohukhanMagith Noohukhan
Magith Noohukhan has been at XING for over four years. As the XING Evangelist he represents the company and XING platform at conferences and events all over Europe. Magith has made it his mission to spread the word about a better working life and to impart XING’s raison d’être – enabling professionals to grow!

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