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At the beginning of this month, the beautiful city of Gent played host to the 9th edition of ArrrrCamp. Originally more of an impromptu meetup, the event has evolved over the years to become a Ruby-focused development conference. Over the course of two days, we were presented a carefully curated program of regular talks, keynotes and lightning talks.

Every talk was followed by a 30-minute break, creating a less stressful than usual conference experience and allowing the participants to fully take advantage of the single track format, since there was plenty of time to discuss the previous talk over a coffee. A mixed dinner event at local restaurants also gave a lot of room for networking and community building. The talk topics ranged from Ruby specifics to general software development or collaboration issues, and the overall quality of the talks was more than satisfying. In the first keynote of the event, Carina C. Zona stressed the ethical responsibilities when coding by highlighting ‘Consequences of an Insightful Algorithm‘, giving lots of food for thought illustrated with examples of benignly intended data usage creating painful results. The closing keynote ‘Stop Building Services, Episode 1: The Phantom Menace‘ by Rachel Myers had a more technical focus, showing when and how (not) to consider a Service Oriented Architecture by describing a number of failure scenarios. Given the (not so serious) pirate theme underlying the conference name, it made perfect sense to hold the farewell party in proper style on a boat.

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