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Android Smartphone Test Farm

Mobile is becoming increasingly important for companies that build web applications, and that also includes XING. Over 50% of our platform traffic comes from mobile devices. This in turn leads to a constant increase in the complexity and amount of testing work required on mobile devices. Our challenge At the beginning of 2015 XING launched a new   Continue Reading…

How your colleagues can help improving the product quality

After an amazing experience with the NRG test competition, some of “The 4 Musketeers” (Alina and Katharina) wanted to organize a XING test competition along the same lines. Our QA colleague Nermin joined the team to help out with organising things. The initial goal of this kind of internal competition was to increase the visibility   Continue Reading…

NRG Global test competition report

What were the last things you did to improve your testing skills? Did you read a book? Go to a conference? Attend a training course? Here at XING a small group of testers adopted another approach. We took part in a test competition organized by Matt Heusser:

window.onerror – custom error handling

Listen to colleagues, even or especially if they are not in your department as something useful may come out as a result. This is more of a cultural phenomenon than a real development topic, but can be drilled down to a nice real-world example that’s currently taking place here at XING.

How to choose the right mobile test devices

In addition to all our mobile test automation, we also do a lot of manual and exploratory testing within our mobile team. We test devices with different hard- and software, with different browser versions, and on different carrier networks to be sure that our apps work in the way our customers will use it.

Risk-based management: High-speed QA

What would you do if your team were to tell you that you’re the bottleneck? Normally someone who works in QA (quality assurance) just smiles if they hear something like that. Why? Well, the answer’s simple. People who work in QA can’t start testing a product until the developers have finished their work. So if   Continue Reading…

XING Open API: How did we do it?

Not so long ago we had our first brainstorming session about the open API project. We carefully considered several points that would motivate the developers to stay and create awesome applications using the XING API. More importantly, however, we thought about the points which might discourage them and eventually make them leave. By the end   Continue Reading…

Keep It Functional – iPhone Test Automation

Currently all the XING Mobile Apps generate more than 20% of the overall XING traffic and this number will likely increase in the near future. In my last devblog post, I dealed with Android Apps and how to implement automated tests with the framework Robotium. This article describes how to implement automated tests using the tool   Continue Reading…

Risk-Based Test Planning with Google Test Analytics

“The test plan is dead!” This was the opening remark that James Whittaker (Engineering Director at Google) started with at a conference we attended last November. Among the audience, most of the people had at some point created test plans, but very few of them still used them even after a short period of time.

Deleting issues with JIRA post-functions

At XING we’re using <a title=”JIRA” href=”” target=”_blank”>JIRA 4.2</a> for a wide range of purposes. Not only are we tracking our bugs with it, we’re also using it to manage user stories, document test cases and last but not least as a general task tracker for our operations team. The idea to document test cases in   Continue Reading…