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Great talks at the Developer Conference Hamburg

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Developers from all over Germany gathered at the Developer Conference Hamburg for a second time, an event that owes some of its popularity to its local character, i.e. the fact that it is not an international event. Instead, it offers a cozy atmosphere where inspiring developers are granted the opportunity to showcase both the breadth and depth of their knowledge and share it with everyone else.

Following an introductory keynote which, basically, concluded that there isn’t such a thing as the perfect programming language, the schedule was filled with exciting talks about the art of developing cool products.

The variety of topics, which also included not so technical presentations, made it even more interesting: While a lot of live coding also took place during the event, some of the speakers expressed nearly philosophical viewpoints about the role of developers. Some revealed valuable insights into the procedures and methods used by their companies. That is something I did myself: I started my one-hour talk with an introduction into XING’s organizational infrastructure and later went on to explore topics like CSS and JavaScript patterns, or even general aspects like QA. Basically, I took the challenge to explain to a considerable crowd how XING – a company devoted to one project only, namely itself – is organized internally and how we deal with the challenge of finding the most efficient processes for software development. Thanks to our relaunch I could top it with a considerable amount of facts and findings about CSS patterns und OOCSS. Altogether, I presented the audience with a series of wide-spread bad practices in software development and the alternative techniques that XING is applying to meet a variety of challenges. Luckily, I had enough time to also outline interesting facts about our JavaScript lazy loading modules and behaviors, and explained why our pre-loader enhances user experience.

On a side note

One of the most important things about this kind of these events are the conversations with other developers. A lunch or coffee break offers the perfect chance to chat, get to know other professionals a little better and add them on XING. Like the year before, the event was held at the headquarters of Otto – Germany’s famous catalog company– and all the tickets were gone two weeks before the date. The organizing team from NetImpact did an awesome job at assisting and sharing information with everybody, both before and during the two days of the conference. Power, sound, light … you named it, they had it!


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