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Spoiler alert! Here are a few details about what you can expect from the upcoming XING API

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The good news is that it’s going to be awesome. No ifs or buts. The XING developer team has been working towards this goal for a long time and we’re really happy to be approaching this milestone. Sure, some people might consider an API to be a “dry” topic and somewhat of a given nowadays, but we really care about it and are channeling our efforts into making sure the XING API is ready help XING continue to ship great features in the future. And don’t think we’re going to stop working on the API once it’s live – we’ve got a team of 10 people working to make sure that it provides users with everything they need.

The XING developer portal: At the moment my team and I are working on the developer portal that provides developers with quick and easy access to the API as well as everything else they need to get up and running, such as documentation, call examples, and a section for managing applications and user API keys.

The portal will be available as a closed beta-version to anyone who signed up for it on from mid-December onwards. We hope that users will send us their feedback so we can incorporate their needs and wishes into the API and optimize the accompanying documentation. Anyone who’s interested in getting involved but hasn’t signed up yet can do so by visiting and entering their email address.

To finish with, we think it’s worth pointing out that our API isn’t something we’ve started from scratch as we already have several external APIs that provide XING apps or apps from other partners (such as loftville). About two years ago we decided to completely redesign our external API, and have been working on it since then. We’re not quite done yet, but it’s been in operational use for more than a year (largely in the form of our Mobile Apps). The following features are currently run through our API:

  • User profiles
  • Contacts
  • Contact requests
  • Profile visits
  • Bookmarks
  • What’s new in your network feed
  • User recommendations
  • Invitations

A number of other key areas of the platform are already on our long list of API calls that we’re steadily working through.

We’re really looking forward to releasing our API and hope that you’ll send us your feedback on the portal and of course the API itself. So what are you waiting for? Sign up now and follow us on Twitter to get the latest information.



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