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Monthly Archives: November 2012

Inspirational reads for developers

The end of year approximates and still there are so many interesting articles. I wanna share some I collected over the past few weeks. Today: AngularJS, MVC, __proto__, Firefox OS and more… m4s0n501

JSConf EU 2012

My trip to Berlin was only brief but nonetheless a great success. On the sixth and seventh of October, 44 talks were held over 2 days and presented on 2 stages (the production hall and the “bubble”) in the “Alte Münze”. The bubble was a fun transparent room made of plastic which was filled with   Continue Reading…

Inspirational reads for developers

Articles I found on the web during the past days and weeks. Today: HTML5, MVC, Windows 8 & Internet Explorer 10, SASS, WebKit and more…

The war of semantics – that is no war

Website texts serve to provide information and we have various HTML elements available to give texts “more meaning”. That could of course be a paragraph, a header, a list, a blockquote tag, a link or – thanks to HTML5 – a navigation, a footer, an article or one of the other elements. From a machine   Continue Reading…