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Monthly Archives: March 2012

A flexible shadow with background-size

When we launched the new design for our website last year, our visual designers came up with a nifty shadow element. This element was originally intended to be used below the business cards of user profiles and below group logos. The shadow being purely decorative, we decided to go with the pseudo-element :after. We knew   Continue Reading…

XING Open API: How did we do it?

Not so long ago we had our first brainstorming session about the open API project. We carefully considered several points that would motivate the developers to stay and create awesome applications using the XING API. More importantly, however, we thought about the points which might discourage them and eventually make them leave. By the end   Continue Reading…

Closed Beta Version of XING Developer Portal now LIVE

The first users can now log in to with their XING login credentials and access all the information and documentation they need to get started with the API as well as a personal dashboard allowing them to create and manage apps. m4s0n501