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Monthly Archives: December 2011

Risk-Based Test Planning with Google Test Analytics

“The test plan is dead!” This was the opening remark that James Whittaker (Engineering Director at Google) started with at a conference we attended last November. Among the audience, most of the people had at some point created test plans, but very few of them still used them even after a short period of time.

Error pages is what we do

Does frantically hammering away at your keyboard for hours on end sound like a typical day to you? Well, that’s not the case with us developers here at XING as we’re a really creative and professional bunch who like to have fun at work.

Merge conflicts

First of all, what is a merge conflict? When working with a “version control system” (VCS) such as CVS, SVN or GIT, merging is a daily task. Your developer colleagues also work on their features and commit code. To keep your local version up to date you need to “pull” and “merge” their work on   Continue Reading…

6 months @XING and none some the wiser…

It’s been 6 months today since I started as a Software Engineer Ruby on Rails at XING. And I don’t want to miss the chance to share my experience. About a month and a half ago I had the first contact with my boss to be after talking to a friend of mine who already worked   Continue Reading…