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Monthly Archives: March 2011

Designing high performance graphics

An entire user interface with just 32 colors? It’s amazing how far you can go when you set yourself the goal of designing high-performance graphics for a high-traffic site like XING. I can still remember starting out as a Web designer where I often dreaded testing my photoshop designs in a browser in 8-bit mode. All   Continue Reading…

A (so-called) Sprite Revolution on XING

m4s0n501 Every time an image is displayed on a website a request is sent to the server which then checks whether the image is available before delivering it to the client.

Do web applications need to provide the same features in every browser?

According to Jeremy Keith, “the solution is not to make leaner, faster pages just for mobile users; the answer is to make leaner, faster pages for everybody” ( However, you cannot build everything in a browser that was made a decade ago. Even if engineers have crafted patches for legacy browsers, this results in more   Continue Reading…