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Monthly Archives: January 2010

OMG: XING uses links with rounded corners

Every week we make changes to the XING platform. Last week we ‘edged’ up XING a little bit.

Against IE8′s Compatibility View: from Stagnation to Standards

Compatibility View for IE8 Microsoft introduced Compatibility View for IE8 in accordance with their “Don’t break the web”-maxim. Previous versions of Internet Explorer did not follow web standards, IE’s development seemingly came to a standstill, consequently frontend engineers used an awful lot of workarounds to fix the non-standard rendering. However, IE8 follows the standards, and   Continue Reading…

Hello World – The XING developer blog is live

where we — the tech geeks, developers and wizards at XING — write about our work, programming tricks we’ve learned, stuff we release to the world of open source, and other random tidbits that may or may not be relevant to other developers or interested parties out there. We will also be providing you with   Continue Reading…